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Khookie has moved
March 6, 2011

New home for Khookie here


Rocking the boat
June 15, 2008

You thought I’ld disappeared, didn’t yeah? Well, I kind of did or better said I’ve been out but I’ve been too lazy to report about it. Last night I just knew it would be night worth reporting about, so I made the effort to take my camera out.


A tin of stuffed tomatoes & an earful…
April 14, 2008

Normally on a Monday night you’ll find me tucking into a homemade TV dinner and watching some awfully dubbed American TV series.

Not this Monday night though, instead I was tucking into various canapés at the showcase. It was the opening night for the “Figuration Narrative” exhibition at the Grand Palais. And for the occasion Fréderick E Grasser Hermé & sponsors Pâté Hénaff decided to throw an event. “Antifoodeuse” Madame Hermé put together a menu of various “nibbles” including stuffed tomatoes served in a tin (my least favourite), a poached egg surrounded in jelly with a mushroom base (hmmmmmmm didn’t really do it for me), radishes with a matcha tea salt dip (yum!) and a ton of other stuff.


Take II
April 10, 2008

I went to Palais de Tokyo again but this time I actually made it around the exhibition (not like last time). Jim (Jim from Jim et les Magic beans) and I rocked up to it late Tuesday night (Palais de Tokyo are open until midnight almost every night). Unfortunately half the exhibition was switched off. It should have looked like this. But on the plus side we did have the whole exhibition to ourselves which made the forest just a tad more eerie/Tim Burton esque.