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Hippie dippie twisted beats
March 13, 2009


Thursday night = exhibition openings, booklaunches, vernissages…It can be a bit of a potluck thing especially when there’s a performance/recital involved. That so happened to be the case this Thursday at OFR (great little Art/design/fashion bookshop with a small exhibition space) near Republique. Total hippie/spaced out vibe hit your nose (incense) followed by your eyes (see above) or maybe your ears at the same time. Mark Borthwick, photographer and  experimental artist was doing a musical recital with chimes and guitar. He was also having a good giggle  with himself which was a relief. Nothing worse than Artists taking themselves too seriously.



Last night’s lesson: small people don’t mosh well
February 21, 2009


Last night happened to be the third day running I ended up at the Nouveau casino (Wednesday: the very crazy glaswegian this, Thursday: a surreal shoot for them). Nouveau Casino, a small venue in the 11th/Oberkampf area is right next to the Café Charbon. For the album launch of Beat Torrent (French turntablist duo DJ Pfel & DJ Atom – won 4 x World DMC Team Champions as part of C2C) they put the two spaces together. Making a kind of ‘chilled’ café area (pictured above with DJ B-Loo) and than an absolute carnage main area in the nouveau casino space. (more…)

Spotting a trend
February 2, 2009


Friday it was off to Radio Nova‘s Nuit Zebree at La Bellevilloise. In between the bands and the screaming girls (Raphael Saadiq being the cause of that) I spotted these. I think it was a sign for things to come…


freebie fun for everyone
January 30, 2009


So instead of keeping all the tasty khookies for myself I thought I’ld share some tips on how to get some “free” fun:


Monday munchies: Wood ice cream & fashionistas
January 27, 2009


Monday kicked off early with a mad dash to get my Friday freebie (I’m sure you’ll hear about it later). After rubgy tackling some other freebie finders 😉 it was off on the RER to Maison & objet situated North of Paris at Parc d’expositions. While half of Paris last week were oogling at the boys on the catwalks another half were oogling the latest fashion in homeware design. Maison & objet is THE trade salon for everything from carpets to knives. I had already spent most of Friday wandering around the 7 halls in search of the perfect plate. Monday was less wandering and more seeing some amazing chefs collaborate with some equally amazing designers/photographers/architects in order to create some brilliant dishes. Paris des chefs an event hosted by Maison & Objet and Omnivore (the food guide tendance) brought together some interesting foodie/design teams.