Hippie dippie twisted beats


Thursday night = exhibition openings, booklaunches, vernissages…It can be a bit of a potluck thing especially when there’s a performance/recital involved. That so happened to be the case this Thursday at OFR (great little Art/design/fashion bookshop with a small exhibition space) near Republique. Total hippie/spaced out vibe hit your nose (incense) followed by your eyes (see above) or maybe your ears at the same time. Mark Borthwick, photographer and  experimental artist was doing a musical recital with chimes and guitar. He was also having a good giggle  with himself which was a relief. Nothing worse than Artists taking themselves too seriously.


The real treat of the night was happening at the Batofar. Ninja tune night with DJ Oof warming up before Long lost hit the stage with their electro twisted lullabies. I recently came across Laura’s angelic voice while listening to Gilles Peterson’s weekly session on Radio One. And Amiss became an instant earworm. Seriously having problems getting rid of it.


Change of tune with Jogger doing a short but sweet set. Jogger a.k.a. Amir Yaghmai (plays Violin in Long Lost too) & Jonathan Larroquette (part of Long Lost too: Electronics) had a tough challenge trying to warm the Frenchies in 3 songs to their sound. But by the end of it everyone was all geared up for Daedalus who had to be the highlight of the night.

This guy was just twisted. Dandy look plus him going manic on the tenori-on-esque mixing machine.  He looked like he was conducting a symphony. Absolutely loooooooooooooved it! The mini clip does not do it any justice, at all! They’re currently doing a few cities in Europe. Catch them if you can!

Special thank you to DJ Oof 🙂


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