freebie fun for everyone


So instead of keeping all the tasty khookies for myself I thought I’ld share some tips on how to get some “free” fun:

Number one

“You gonna be in it to win it”

Enter every competition possible. Usually it only takes sending an email (set up an email account with yahoo/hotmail… for newsletters, competitions, basically one for the junk). A few easy competitions for Paris are on gogoparis, vice (well they won’t be now 😉 ).

Number two

“Be in the know

Subscribe to newsletters from clubs, galleries, museums, music venues, read blogs and the free paper on the metro…Keep your eyes peeled, sometimes the most interesting events are advertised in the weirdest of places. I’m not a big fan of FB a.k.a. Spybook but it’s great for knowing what’s happening. Join groups, fanpages and check out what your FBFs (=Facebook Friends) are attending. Also a good way of avoiding certain people. London has a great newsletter called, Lecool. I check out the bands they mention in the newsletter and see whether those bands are playing in Paris, as usually London “cool/hot” bands are not known on French soil. So tend to play smaller/free venues when they hit Paris.

Number three

“Turn up early
If you want to get into the hottest party in town at the coolest club, then don’t do fashionably late unless you know the bouncer personally or you’re Kanye West. You might be propping the bar up earlier than everyone else but at least you won’t be still queuing while everyone is leaving.

Number four

“Do your homework”

Now you’ve subscribed to all those newsletters make sure to read them and make a note of the events you want to go to. Usually the vernissage is the night before the opening day of an exhibition. Get yourself some free drinks and nibbles. If you’re going to a particular party, check out the photos (google the event + the name of the night, you’ll probably come across some blog with photos) what the dress code is. Make sure you look the part if you think it’s gonna be hard to get it.

Number Five

“Friendly Five”

Make sure to be friendly to anyone you meet on your freebie missions. You don’t know what they might know 😉 Not that,  that should be the reason for being friendly.

This leads me to a tip for this weekend.  I met this lovely Art student outside Palais du Tokyo last year. She was shooting a traditional French picnic scene with some of her textile foodie fun. I bumped into her again at Maison d’objets where she told me her Art college, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art has open days this Friday and Saturday. I intend on acting like Saatchi, checking out the new and upcoming talent and seeing whether I can snap up an Arty bargain.

Freebie Find for next week: Franz Ferdinand are doing a free gig next Tuesday at le studio SFR. Join the rest of the rugby scrum this Monday at 10am for your ticket.


One Response

  1. Ha ha ha!! Niiiiice!

    +1 tip from Ju:

    Students of the great reputated French Cuisine School Gregoire Ferrandi will cook for you “à prix doux”, almost gastronomic cuisine, at the Restaurant d’application.

    Only 20e for lunch/ 40e for dinner


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