Just your regular Saturday afternoon: stuffed mice & Nigerian soul


While everyone was busy hitting the sales this Saturday afternoon I was on my eternal quest for freebies. I had found out that there was a free concert at the Sfr studios. Asa was playing an acoustic set to a small audience. My friend (the photographer for this post) and I so happened to be in the lucky 50. Lucky being a slight understatement. We were able to experience last year’s big newcomer on the soul/world scene. With her songs touching all different human emotions: hope, love, hate, joy combined with the influence of her Nigerian background it is really music to make you take a moment and contemplate.


After sweating it out slightly (there was no air conditioning at the concert) we headed over for some cooling off at what seemed to be the place to hangout that afternoon. The amount of black rimmed glasses, designer stubble or foho (fake/expensive boho) looking people I counted, it was more like hanging out le Baron than at an Art gallery. But then again this wasn’t any old gallery this was Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. The same gallery which showed Pharrell’s first exhibition last year.


There were 3 artists opening the exhibition but my favourite had to be José Levy who made a chess set out of stuffed mice doing a variety of stunts. Top that all off with free drinks, what more could you want 🙂

Special thank you to my photographer: Deanna White.


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