Peas in the pot


Peas in a pot is cockney rhyming slang for hot which I think is quite fitting for this post. Read more to find out why…

I was looking for somewhere tasty and CHEAP to eat around Trafalgar Square for a catch up with an old friend. I came across Wahaca


Wahaca is a market place style mexican eatery. Big tables, exposed cement and bright colours make this a very vibrant place to stop those belly rumblings. My friend and I went for a range of tapas style mexican dishes: spicy stewed pork filled tacos,  cheese & black bean quesadillas and cactus filled tostadas with lancashire cheese (pictured). Finish that off with a super thick hot chocolate and freshly fried, sprinkled with cinammon churros. Yummy! The service was great too and I absolutely loved the business card (pictured above) a little matchstick book of chilli seeds 🙂


After lunch I headed off round the corner to Covent garden for a coffee with another friend.  Looking for something a bit different to your regular Starbucks I was super happy to find a place where I used to go when I was kid. Not much had changed except maybe the staff and the prices. Monmouth coffee company is a tiny coffee shop which sells coffee from select farms. The freshly ground coffee smell wafts outside on to the streets inviting you to come in and grab a coffee (with a delicious pastry too) or if you’re lucky you might be able to get a seat in one of the tiny wooden booths at the back.


The next day I headed down to Brick Lane reknown for it’s curry (I however recommend going to Southall for some authentic cuzza), vintage shops, beigels and general hipness.


The smell of spices fills the air and punters stand outside the restaurants tempting you with 3 course meals for £15. For the credit crunch lot hit the supermarket instead. You can fill your shopping basket with lentils, spices and other Indian delicacies for half the price.


Going down brick lane wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the beigel bakery. This area before it became “Little India/Bangladesh/Pakistan” was actually the Jewish part of London. I used to get sent here to pick up beigels for the Sunday Times style magazine shoots I assisted on. Or very late/early after a night clubbing I would queue up with the rest of the all nighters. This place is open 24/7 and is probably one of the only places in London which does a smoked salmon & cream cheese beigel for £1.50!!! And these are no normal beigels. They’re made fresh in the back of the bakery. You can even watch if you fancy having a go at home (note: I’ve tried and to be honest it’s not worth the hassle).

After gobbling down a massive salt beef beigel for a mere £3 I wandered around some of the many vintage shops. One of them being Absolute Vintage:


A treasure trove of shoes, belts, shirts, dresses, bags, trousers…I didn’t stay long as I wanted to avoid getting out my credit card out and spending a load of money. It so happened that when I left  opposite a rabbit was waving at me from a window. Curious as I am I had to investigate. It turns out this rabbit was doing free portraits.

So I decided to do a little modelling and this is what he came up with:


Unfortunately the reflection and bad lighting made it a little bit difficult to photograph. Keep an eye out on his blog for my portrait 😀


Final stop was Rough trade records, by now you must know that I’m always looking for freebies and it so happens rough trade records (an independant record store) have free concerts several times of a week (join there mailing list to be kept up to date). They also have a great selection of vinyl, cds, books and an internet cafe. So you can surf while listening to some decent music (none of that commercial rubbish here, thank you 😛 )


So I nodded my head and tapped my feet with the indie kids to the Virgins. An American indie group which have had some radio play in France with their song ‘Rich girls’. Here’s a little snippet:

All in all I thought that the peas were definetly in the pot while I was in London.


2 Responses

  1. haha have you seen my first to last post on fanny? wahaca love! xxx

  2. Yeah, we both have good taste 😉

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