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freebie fun for everyone
January 30, 2009


So instead of keeping all the tasty khookies for myself I thought I’ld share some tips on how to get some “free” fun:



Monday munchies: Wood ice cream & fashionistas
January 27, 2009


Monday kicked off early with a mad dash to get my Friday freebie (I’m sure you’ll hear about it later). After rubgy tackling some other freebie finders 😉 it was off on the RER to Maison & objet situated North of Paris at Parc d’expositions. While half of Paris last week were oogling at the boys on the catwalks another half were oogling the latest fashion in homeware design. Maison & objet is THE trade salon for everything from carpets to knives. I had already spent most of Friday wandering around the 7 halls in search of the perfect plate. Monday was less wandering and more seeing some amazing chefs collaborate with some equally amazing designers/photographers/architects in order to create some brilliant dishes. Paris des chefs an event hosted by Maison & Objet and Omnivore (the food guide tendance) brought together some interesting foodie/design teams.


Just your regular Saturday afternoon: stuffed mice & Nigerian soul
January 18, 2009


While everyone was busy hitting the sales this Saturday afternoon I was on my eternal quest for freebies. I had found out that there was a free concert at the Sfr studios. Asa was playing an acoustic set to a small audience. My friend (the photographer for this post) and I so happened to be in the lucky 50. Lucky being a slight understatement. We were able to experience last year’s big newcomer on the soul/world scene. With her songs touching all different human emotions: hope, love, hate, joy combined with the influence of her Nigerian background it is really music to make you take a moment and contemplate.


Peas in the pot
January 16, 2009


Peas in a pot is cockney rhyming slang for hot which I think is quite fitting for this post. Read more to find out why…


Culture Vulture
January 15, 2009

saatchioutside1I managed to get my culture fix on a recent trip back home. I popped down, south to visit the new Saatchi Gallery which is just off Sloane square. Not really my part of town with all it’s sloany ponies and old money attitude. I’m more of an North London bird.