Hot khookies


Hot khookies were on the menu at Volkswagen’s Car city (‘Autostadt‘ = VW version of Eurodisney) during December.


Cupcakes, brownies, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, cheesecake, gingerbread, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies…they were all tantilising the Germans (aswell as the two lovely sales assistants 😉 ). I peeled a 100kg of carrots and they all then had be grated aswell (ground about the same amount of hazelnuts), melted 50kg of chocolate for the brownies, beat 1500 eggs, enough butter to give a whole town a heart attack and don’t even ask me how much sugar or flour I used.


My American bakery stand was part of the American themed Wintermarket. There were 13 other food booths ranging from your all American burger, hot dog (all organic), to freshly made cheese crust “Tony’s” Pizza to American pies, Clam chowder, Southern fried chicken and a saloon serving hot punch.


After eating yourself around the market you could skate a few rounds on the ice rink or watch the Wizard of Oz ice skating show.

Steam coming out of the oven

The event took place at Autostadt which has several different building housing Volkswagen, Audi and Lamborghini models. There are tours, lectures, test drives (they have special 4x wheel drive roads) and plenty of other events which take place all year round.


Autostadt sits beside the giant VW kraftwerk (they lit each chimney for the christmas period) and factory which is another city on it’s own. Unfortunately I didn’t have to sit on the special VW train and take a tour. Too busy baking 😦



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  2. […] almonds. They went down a treat. The recipe is the one I used when baking industrial quantities at Autostadt last December, although they were made chocolate chips. Similar to Anzac biscuits but using a brown/white sugar […]

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