Wibble wobble jelly wrestling

Last weekend I went back to my roots with a hop across the channel to London town. Always in search of something fun and different to do wherever I go, I happened to read about a jelly event in a great weekly newsletter I get (I only wish they would do one for Paris!).

Jelly is an often overlooked English delicacy (and no I’m not kidding šŸ˜‰ ). It’s a classic must-have for any kids party and so has an often nostalgic feel for grown ups (a bit like fairy cakes). Bombas & Parr, the host, create bespoke jelly moulds aswell as organising crazy jelly events. This one was held on the UCL main campus which was lit up in pink, like the jelly architecture models which looked amazing. Amongst all the jelly wobbling (which wasn’t the only thing wobbling, a few people were too) there was a paddling pool filled with jelly for anybody who dared to have a jelly wrestle. If only I had worn my wrestling outfit, I might have joined in too šŸ˜› *

A visit to a proper Pub is always obligatory when I go back to the big smoke. I usually head up North to my favourite but I didn’t have time and ended up in the Dog & Duck in soho. Soho is a bit “so-no” for me, reminds me too much of my “traumatic” experience at Art college.

A well pulled pint went down a treat that Sunday afternoon. I would have tried out the John Pettit’s sausages (sold also in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason) they serve, but it was only 4pm and I had kicked Sunday off with a proper fry-up in a greasy caff. Puuuuuurfect. Hmmmmmm looks like I’ll definetly have to make a trip back for the bangers and mash.

*Anyone spot the celeb in the pictures?


2 Responses

  1. Isn’t that Sir Heston Blumenthal?

  2. Well, now yes.

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