Rocking the boat

You thought I’ld disappeared, didn’t yeah? Well, I kind of did or better said I’ve been out but I’ve been too lazy to report about it. Last night I just knew it would be night worth reporting about, so I made the effort to take my camera out.

The night kicked off with a friend of mine gigging at Le Nouveau Casino. I’m more used to going to babyrocker gigs but this one had a babyrocker audience. It was kinda cute seeing the teeny boppers and kids jumping to their dads/uncles guitar riffs.

After, I nipped around the corner to the Alimentation Générale for an after concert/pre clubbing drink. They’ve recently refurbished the place, changed the layout a bit and opened up the kitchen. You can see exactly what they’re doing in the kitchen now, so no 3 second floor rule i.e. if it’s only been on the floor for 3 seconds you can still put it back on the plate. The DJ was laying on some heavy classic motown and funk tunes. By the time we left the audience were strutting their stuff.

The highlight of the night was something I’ve been waiting to see for ages. 4hero (or better said Marc Mac and MC MG) were playing at the Batofar. 4hero (two London boys, Dego & Marc Mac) have been around for a while (last 10 years). I only recently caught on to them with their last album “Play with the Changes”. It was my 2007 summer soundtrack. These guys were one of the major players in drum ‘n bass and jungle when it all kicked off in the 90s. They’ve now progressed to mixing all different styles together. And from what I’ve heard they’ve definetly mastered the Art.

Marc Mac was a smooth operator, effortlessly mixing funk and soul into drum ‘n bass. Something you see less and less with these so called ‘Ipod DJs’ around. MC MG added his London flavour by getting the crowd revved up with his rudeboy antics. The resident DJ Jazzamar joined in with his flutey sounds. It turned out to be a lethal combination which got both the audience and boat rocking. Luckily nobody got sea sick 😉


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  1. […] real treat of the night was happening at the Batofar. Ninja tune night with DJ Oof warming up before Long lost hit the stage with their electro twisted […]

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