Can you kick it? Yes, we can!

I certainly kicked it the last two nights with two superb hip hop events. The clubs in the 20th were on the cards with Wednesday night @ La Maroquinerie and followed by Thursday night at next door’s La Bellevilloise. Both venues have great terraces which made it perfect for meeting up earlier to enjoy a drink outside in the summer evening heat.

The Franco/Vietnamien beatmaker Onra was making a rare live performance that night. His old skool beats mixed in with some asian flavour (if you haven’t checked his albums Chinoiseries, The Big Payback or Tribute out, do so now) got the audience reved up for the live performance Prefuse 73 (which was less my cup of tea).

Thursday night was the biggie for me with my Ali Shaheed from A Tribe Called Quest (my all time favourite band) DJing @ Excuse my French. The crowd was already warmed up by Beat Torrent mixing some heavy tunes when I arrived. Things turned sizzling hot when Ali Shaheed put his first record on. It’s a rare thing now a days to see DJs use a mic to communicate with the audience, I guess it has a “naff” factor. But my goodness, did Ali Shaheed use it to his advantage, taking his mix to another level. We had a few surprises with Psycho Les, one half of the legendary hip hop group Beatnuts making a guest performance as well the French rapper Lucien (who appeared on A.T.C.Q. record “The luck of Lucien”). Things got sizzling hot at the end of the night when a few b-boys decided to battle it out. If only I hadn’t been wearing a skirt, I might have joined in 😉 For some better pics, take a look at SoultheTown.


4 Responses

  1. Paris is the Ish!!!

  2. what u mean by “I guess it has a “naff” factor”?

  3. Well now a days it’s only the DJ at kids parties, family weddings or some surburban disco who does cheesy shoutouts/lines = Naff.

  4. Peter Kay has a hilarious sketch about family weddings and halfway through explains exactly what I mean by DJs and mics being “naff”.

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