Jacking with Ben & Jerry

Paris Paris was not on the menu like it has been the last of the couple of weeks tonight. Instead it was off to a Nike house dance masterclass at the Opus café. I’ve been shaking my arse in various styles the last couple of years from break-dancing, hip hop, electric boogaloo, ragga to even techtonik. I pretty much suck at all of them 😉

The flavour of the night was house. Lots of jumping around or jacking as you call it with some fancy footwork thrown in too. If you wanna see some really hardcore jackers, hit the Djoon Sunday at 6pm for the dance culture session.

After all that sweating to 128 bpm I needed some serious cooling down. So I headed over to La Scala where Ben & Jerry’s were hosting a showcase with Béatrice Ardisson (the French Queen of compiling covers).

It turned out to be big sing-a-long session with various bands covering songs like I want Candy, In the Summertime, Sugar Sugar…and stuffing their face with B & J’s ice cream. Free open ice cream bar, nice!


2 Responses

  1. Sympa la petite chorégraphie en haut…
    Mais si j’ai bien compris tu as prétexté de filmer pour ne pas te remuer?!;-)

  2. Yeah, that’s it. Not enough energy to keep up 😛 No actually they split the class in two groups at the end as there wasn’t enough space on the floor.

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