Something old, something new

I’m a sucker for old movies, especially any of Hitchcocks’s. So I jumped at the opportunity of seeing Vertigo on a big screen. The crackling sounds and various scratches/blobs on the film just added to the “movie experience” charm. Spotting the split second Hitchcock appearance in the movie is always something I quiz my movie buddy about afterwards. Did you see him? Remember the guy who walked past James Stewart in front of the factory…

After the blast from the past. It was straight back to 2008 with a live gig from The Ting Tings @ PP. This “electro-pop” duo from Salford, UK are ones to watch out. Yet to be discovered in France, they’re slowly concurring the British market with their catchy lyrics, rocky guitar riffs and drumbeats. It also helps that they have a sassy blonde (with the energy of 4 backing dancers) fronting it all. Beware their tunes are highly contagious. Watch out for the earworms 😛


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  1. […] Paris Paris was not on the menu like it has been the last of the couple of weeks instead it was off to a Nike house dance masterclass at the Opus café. I’ve been shaking my arse in various styles the last couple of years from break-dancing, hip hop, electric boogaloo, ragga to even techtonik. I pretty much suck at all of them […]

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