Behind closed doors

If I had had the time I would have done individual posts with all the “khookie” things I got up to this week. But to be honest this is not a blog about the Paris social scene (I know plenty of blogs who do it much better than me) and I tend to be pretty crap at taking photos at events. I’ld rather just enjoy the whole thing then have to worry about shooting it all. It’s more about the “bits ‘n bops” I find/enjoy. So here’s a quick rundown:

Tuesday night started off well with a delicious and very delightful dinner, followed by a some hardcore “waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care” raving to the maestro mixing of Moby @ Le Paris Paris.

With an early start on Thursday morning Wednesday night was quite quiet. It just involved me jumping around in my regular house dance class.

Very early Thursday morning I put on my smiliest face to serve muffins on the Funradio breakfast show. All a bit surreal but heh, it was good publicity for my cookery course next week.

The weekend kicked off early with a day off. Well I had to work on Saturday so it was kind of a chopped up weekend. I finally managed to go and see the Sophie Calle exhibition “Prenez soin de vous”. I’ve been reading some of her past work recently (trying to swot two flies with one hit: French & culture at the same time 😉 ) so this was a perfect opportunity to see some of her current work “live”.

The exhibition takes place in the Labrouste reading room of Bibliotheque Nationale de France (Richelieu site) which has been closed to the public for the last 10 years. The reading room with it’s extremely high domed ceilings and it’s empty wooden bookshelves is quite overwelming.

The exhibition is based on a “break up” email (what a cowardly way to break up?!) Sophie Calle received from a lover which finished with “Prenez soins de vous” = “Take care of yourself”. She asked 107 women interpretate the letter from a professional point of view. Works ranged from Miss kitten mixing beats, psychiatrist analysing the email, a teenager texting her response…a wide range of works in many different forms of media.

Entering the room you’re hit by a hum/buzz of sound quite similar to that of an airport waiting lounge. The sound from the multi media pieces bounces off the walls and ceilings like ping pong balls.

Initially I found the exhibition quite confusing. There seemed to be no real “guide” on how you should navigate yourself round the room. I like to be taken on a journey when I go and see exhibitions and I think this is an integral part of experiencing the artist’s work. It was left up to the visitor to find their own way around the space which I think may result to some works being overlooked.

If you want to go to the exhibition make sure you have a couple of hours to spare and you’re in the right frame of mind.

BNF – richelieu
58 rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris
Exhibition open until 8th June

After the exhibition it was back to the more frivolous and fun stuff. I headed off to see Jim & les magic beans at La Sorbonne. All together a different cup of tea and then it was off to a little party at some friends. All before Cinderella turned back into her rags.

The weekend was all together a more calm affair with just a clandestine brunch to go to on Sunday. I received an invite last week. I’ve heard about “black/under the table” restaurants before and know a couple who run one in Paris (very successfully too) but have never got round to going to one before. The idea is that you receive an invite but do not know where the restaurant will be (the location changes) until a couple of days before hand.

After opening a large metal gate, I followed the sounds of live jazz, champagne bottles popping and laughter down a cobbled alleyway and up some old creaky wooden stairs. I was welcomed by a delicious smell of food and lots of warm smiles. Brunch involved some delicious canapés of iberico ham, oysters and fresh pain au levain bread. And then things got serious with a sit down brunch of several courses: smoked salmon, crème fraiche with blinis, a nice little cured ham and bean soup, roquette salad and steak tartare, cheese, dessert, coffee…all matched with some lovely wines. Plus I had the pleasure of sharing that all with other charming “clandestine” brunchers. The best brunch I’ve had in years I say. So if you ever get an invitation make sure to answer with a “oui!”


One Response

  1. Wow, what an exiting week.
    that’s the magic of paris.
    I guess it’s also the hard work done, that’s paying off in a way.
    you deserve it!!!

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