Boyz toyz

I gatecrashed the Tenori-on launch party this week. Well, it definetly felt like it. Surrounded by the regular music industry lot, electronic geeks and boys who like their toyz, I felt a bit of an alien. Luckily I had some fellow gatecrashers to hangout with. Tenori-on is a “personal digital instrument for playing sound and ambient light patterns” , whatever that’s supposed to mean. I did have a go at playing it, just a few too many buttons to get to grips with in 2 minutes. There was a queue of e-geeks waiting impatiently to have their go behind me.

All in all a very insightful evening. It was ashame that nobody really listened to the inventor’s, Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai, presentation*.

*Note to the organisers: Don’t have an open bar and expect everyone listen to a 30 minute presentation at 11pm.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, I’ve seen another cool music gadget at a shop opening: a guy producing music on a Nintendo DS with a software turning it into a sort of Tenori-on/Monome. Good performance.

    I think you would have liked the shop. Full of weird stuffs…

  2. […] guy was just twisted. Dandy look plus him going manic on the tenori-on-esque mixing machine.  He looked like he was conducting a symphony. Absolutely loooooooooooooved […]

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