Stuffed, stitched and hung out to dry

It’s not very often you have a group of Austrian artists exhibiting at the Paris Musée d’art moderne. When I saw the posters in the metro and I knew I had to go. And if it were not a sign from God I received 2 free tickets through the post. I did wonder, however whether the exhibition would consist of lederhosen, recordings of yodelling and Apfelstrudel sculptures.

So off I trundled this Friday (I decided against wearing my dirndl) with a Sound of music earworm. From what I had read the exhibition was a Gelitin’s (the name of the group of Artists) take on the Louvre. I’m no art critic so I’ll just give you a “khookie” review.

Overall I enjoyed the exhibition minus the obligatory “porn-so-called-Art” photographs (ok, the full frontal naked men photos plays on the fact the Louvre is full of naked women) and sketches. I found it very playful (loved the stuffed, stitched and ripped apart teddy sculptures), tongue in cheek with their take on the Mona Lisa and the floral paintings fun and beautiful…

There was loads more but that was what stood out the most for me. Well that and the massive photocollage of letter excrement. Basically photos had been taken of poo which was in shapes of letters, forming a phrase. I couldn’t look at the photos too long as it was kinda off putting, especially after just eating lunch. It did however get me wondering whether there was some “poo styling” involved to create the letters…

Howabout you go and make up your mind? The exhibition open until the 20th April.

11, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
Tel: 01 53 67 40 0


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