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Jacking with Ben & Jerry
April 30, 2008

Paris Paris was not on the menu like it has been the last of the couple of weeks tonight. Instead it was off to a Nike house dance masterclass at the Opus cafĂ©. I’ve been shaking my arse in various styles the last couple of years from break-dancing, hip hop, electric boogaloo, ragga to even techtonik. I pretty much suck at all of them 😉



Friday flavour with some rock ‘n roll birdies
April 26, 2008

The sun was sky high and so was I this Friday. I hit the streets of the Marais to check out some galleries, soak up the sun and oogle at the Über fashionable lot of the third 😉 First stop was Espace Claude-Berri with the Gilles Barbier’s exhibition. A hum-drum of paintings and sculptures with bananas, tubes, worms, Aladin’s treasures, speech bubbles, architecture models, a naked man…inteprete it the way you want to.


Something old, something new
April 22, 2008

I’m a sucker for old movies, especially any of Hitchcocks’s. So I jumped at the opportunity of seeing Vertigo on a big screen. The crackling sounds and various scratches/blobs on the film just added to the “movie experience” charm. Spotting the split second Hitchcock appearance in the movie is always something I quiz my movie buddy about afterwards. Did you see him? Remember the guy who walked past James Stewart in front of the factory…


Behind closed doors
April 20, 2008

If I had had the time I would have done individual posts with all the “khookie” things I got up to this week. But to be honest this is not a blog about the Paris social scene (I know plenty of blogs who do it much better than me) and I tend to be pretty crap at taking photos at events. I’ld rather just enjoy the whole thing then have to worry about shooting it all. It’s more about the “bits ‘n bops” I find/enjoy. So here’s a quick rundown:


A tin of stuffed tomatoes & an earful…
April 14, 2008

Normally on a Monday night you’ll find me tucking into a homemade TV dinner and watching some awfully dubbed American TV series.

Not this Monday night though, instead I was tucking into various canapĂ©s at the showcase. It was the opening night for the “Figuration Narrative” exhibition at the Grand Palais. And for the occasion FrĂ©derick E Grasser HermĂ© & sponsors PĂątĂ© HĂ©naff decided to throw an event. “Antifoodeuse” Madame HermĂ© put together a menu of various “nibbles” including stuffed tomatoes served in a tin (my least favourite), a poached egg surrounded in jelly with a mushroom base (hmmmmmmm didn’t really do it for me), radishes with a matcha tea salt dip (yum!) and a ton of other stuff.