Knick knacks


“Knick knacks” another way of saying “bits ‘n bobs”. One of my favourite ways of spending a Sunday morning (not too early though) is to hit, what I consider, the best market in Paris. Similar to a carboot sale in the uk (or a yard sale in the states). The market at “Porte Montreuil” is not chic or filled with expensive antiques like “Les Puces de Saint-Ouen” it’s pretty grimy and grotty. Just anybody can rock up and put some stuff on the ground and sell it (although, beware the police do come by, now and again and “move the people on”).


There are plenty of the “expensive” vintage/retro clothes and furniture stalls plus lots of cheap/fake perfume, branded clothes at the beginning. But as you get towards the back you can find the real gems, vintage 1950’s petticoat for 5€ anyone (I shouldn’t really be telling you this, now it’ll get expensive 😉 ) vinyl records for 50 cents, retro crockery…you name you can find it. You just have to have a real rummage and do some hardcore haggling. Try and not look like a tourist…instant doubling of price otherwise.


Saturday and Sunday 8am – 2pm
Metro Porte de Montreuil, line 9


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