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Roaming the streets of London town…
December 30, 2007


Austrian garden gnomes
December 24, 2007


My Aunt sent us some pictures of her “garden gnomes” this Christmas. Here’s one of them. Merry Christmas!

Knick knacks
December 7, 2007


“Knick knacks” another way of saying “bits ‘n bobs”. One of my favourite ways of spending a Sunday morning (not too early though) is to hit, what I consider, the best market in Paris. Similar to a carboot sale in the uk (or a yard sale in the states). The market at “Porte Montreuil” is not chic or filled with expensive antiques like “Les Puces de Saint-Ouen” it’s pretty grimy and grotty. Just anybody can rock up and put some stuff on the ground and sell it (although, beware the police do come by, now and again and “move the people on”). (more…)