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November 23, 2007


I was thumbing through an Interior magazine (which one I don’t remember) and I came across a small article about Sandra Isaksson. Being a sucker for all things cute and retro I immediately fell in love with her designs. The simple scandanavian prints with the vintage twist are exactly my cup of tea. (more…)


Say it with…
November 18, 2007


I love to take pictures of flowers I receive (which is not as often as I would like, like most girls I guess). It kind of makes them last longer than the couple of days (or if I’m a lucky a week). Recently I’ve taken to making them into a little e-thank you cards. Feel free to use them to, if you like… (more…)

Trop mignon
November 10, 2007

Found this cute little Parisian animation by Louis Clichy (“A quoi ├ža sert l’amour?” music Ediaf Piaf and Theo Serapo). Goes perfectly well with the cold autumn weather and a cup of steaming cocoa.

Bopping and dirty old trainers
November 9, 2007


So in the past week I’ve had a few people comment on my title ‘Khookie bits et bops’, asking whether it wasn’t supposed to be ‘Khookie bits et bobs’…well no. The ‘bops’ harks back to my b-girl days (a very short lived career, I just don’t have the muscle power) but I do still like to bop (very much actually). Last week I was bopping to the rhythm of hip hop loves soul (what I consider as one of the best hip hop nights in Paris). My dirty adidas have been bopping with me for quite a while. Breaking them in, involves jumping in various puddles and stamping on them until they reach a perfect level of grottiness. Too white = too townie…just not cool.