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Bondi boys vs Indie Melbournites

March 26, 2010 - Leave a Response

Bondi Icebergs swimming club

There always seems to be some cultural divide between certain cities in countries. UK has it’s North – South divide, actually it even has a North – South London divide. I always used to joke about taking my passport with me when I headed down South (even though I’m a converted North Londoner, having been born and raised in a South London suburb).

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Hippie dippie twisted beats

March 13, 2009 - Leave a Response


Thursday night = exhibition openings, booklaunches, vernissages…It can be a bit of a potluck thing especially when there’s a performance/recital involved. That so happened to be the case this Thursday at OFR (great little Art/design/fashion bookshop with a small exhibition space) near Republique. Total hippie/spaced out vibe hit your nose (incense) followed by your eyes (see above) or maybe your ears at the same time. Mark Borthwick, photographer and  experimental artist was doing a musical recital with chimes and guitar. He was also having a good giggle  with himself which was a relief. Nothing worse than Artists taking themselves too seriously.

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Friday Frolics

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Forget going clubbing on a Friday night (totally overated, best nights are Sunday – Thursday anyway). It was down to the V&A for their monthly Friday late event. The theme was Home sweet home with a range of events around the love of all things homely. Think 1950s nostalgie, Bree from Desperate housewives, Martha Stewart but all with an Arty twist of course.

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Khookie London calling

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Tip for all those Londoners this Friday evening: